Why Your Business Needs a Digital Signature Solution?

We’re are slowly moving towards a completely paperless office, and not just because of environmental reasons (though these are very compelling on their own).Adopting a digital way of working is also a smart business move to make because it can drastically reduce costs, automate processes, and increase productivity. But while some digital means may be obviously beneficial, others can be somewhat of a blur.

This time, we’re talking about the benefits of an online document signature.

1. It’s Very Simple to Use

This is, perhaps, one of the biggest pros of the digital signatures. While there are a lot of online solutions for this purpose, most of them work based on the same process: you upload a file, establish the users that must sign, and send them a secure link. Once the user received the link, they can add their signature with a few clicks, and the process is complete.

2. It’s Highly Secure

Many people tend to think of the opposite when it comes to digital signatures -they’re on the computer, therefore they’re easier to steal and forge. Not so fast. Digital signature solutions don’t just contain the user signature, they also give all the information about the action -the time and date when the signature was applied, the user that signed it, and even the device they used to perform the transaction. If there is any concern regarding the validity of the online document signature, you can simply check this information, which is very difficult to clone.

3. If You’re Already Mostly Digital, You Might Not have a Choice

Particularly in businesses that handle loads of paperwork, digital efforts get adopted a lot faster because owners need a more efficient way of conduction their activity. If you already handle these documents in online forms, keeping to a traditional signature essentially defeats your purpose. You’ll have to add a few extra steps in the process: printing the document, sending them to the person who needs to sign, and ultimately scanning the signed document.The digital signature does not make your work process stagnate in any way so you can expect to get things done a lot faster.

4. It’s Convenient for Everyone

Add up the other benefits of the digital signature and you can only reach one possible conclusion: it’s convenient for everyone involved. It saves money, it’s more secure, easy to track, and it can shorten the turnaround period.

It’s Time to Make a Change

Now that you understand why it’s a good idea to adopt a digital signature solution, all you have to do is look for one that can address your needs. If you go with the Logiforms solution, you can benefit from loads of electronic signature options that are all legally binding, just as the classic pen to paper signatures. Find out more about what Logiforms can offer.

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