Why Trenchless Technology is the best way to Replace your Sewer Pipe in Burbank, CA

Just the thought of Replacing a sewer pipeline may cause homeowners to see lots of dollar signs but due to easier repair methods, there may be fewer dollars to be spent. In the past, if there were any problems with any underground pipes, there would be a need for digging big trenches, in order to reach the pipes. This was horrible for the homeowner because it meant having to have heavy equipment tearing up their property. Any landscaping, gardens, and/or dive ways, could be destroyed in the process. This also meant the cost was higher and the work took a lot longer to complete. Modern technology has changed that though and now we have a method that is called trenchless. It has changed the way homeowners feel about getting pipes repaired and is a safe and effective way to do it.

What is the trenchless method?

The trenchless method is a way to repair any issues dealing with your underground pipes without the need for digging any trenches. This is great news for homeowners because it not only does not cause a massive amount of damage to their yards but it can also be done in as little as one day, depending on what the actual problem is underground.

How does the trenchless method work?

There are different forms of the method that are used but the two more common ones are known as “pipe bursting” and “pipe lining”. Pipe bursting is exactly what its name says. A new pipe is inserted into the old pipe and it bursts the old pipe as it goes through. This only requires digging on each end of the old pipe so that the new pipe can be put through one end and accessed on the other. Pipe lining is a little different. This method involves creating a new pipe within the old pipe. A flexible tube is covered with an adhesive substance and is blown through the old pipe. The tube is then inflated so that it sticks to the old pipe and hardens in place. This essentially gives you a pipe within a pipe and it will function just like a pipe should.

Which situations require pipe bursting and which ones require pipe lining?

Pipe lining is normally done once the pipe has been inspected and it may only be damaged or is just an older pipe needing an upgrade. The pipe itself must be intact enough for the flexible tube to have something to hold onto. That’s why this is not performed on a pipe that needs to be replaced. The age of the pipe may help determine if pipe lining will need to be done because it may have started to corrode or it may just be done as a preventative measure. Pipe bursting is more of a last resort. This is for a pipe that is too far damaged to be saved. The new pipe will replaced the damaged one and will last you for years to come.

Why is trenchless the best way to go?

Trenchless has proven itself time and time again to be a far better method for repairing underground pipes. It is just as effective as the traditional way and will allow you to have a new pipe, your toilets and drains working properly again, and it will keep some of your money in your pockets.

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