Why a Bonded Retainer is a Good Option After Braces

Braces and other orthodontic alignment options are an effective way to straighten teeth, both for adults and kids. However, teeth have a tendency to move over time and are vulnerable to results reversing, especially in the months following the removal of braces. Dental bonded retainers are one option to secure teeth for longer, offering certain advantages over removable retainers.

Although many people primarily think of the clear, removable type when they hear the word “retainer,” bonded retainers are worth considering.

Below are some reasons why you might want to discuss the fitting of a bonded retainer which your dentist, who should be able to offer you advice regarding each of the options available and how they might be suitable for your teeth.

You Can’t Forget to Wear it

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to put your retainer in or take it with you on vacation, or even lose it altogether. It can also be a pain removing it for eating and brushing, with accidents always a potential possibility.

A permanent, bonded retainer is always in and always acting to keep your teeth aligned. This can be a great option for younger patients or anyone with a lot on their mind, who might be more prone to losing or forgetting their retainer.

It’s Less Visible

Bonded retainers sit behind teeth and so are almost always invisible to other people. Clear retainers, although often designed to minimize visual impact, can still be spotted, especially when they shift or you need to remove them for eating.

This has an added benefit for self-conscious patients who not only might feel uncomfortable wearing over-teeth retainers, might also feel inclined to avoid wearing them in certain situations. Additionally, bonded retainers can feel more comfortable in certain cases after only a short period of adjustment.

More Effective

Since the retainer is always in, it is always acting. Teeth which are particularly prone to regressing into a misalignment, especially after orthodontics treatments which close gaps in teeth, might benefit from the use of bonded retainers.

Patients in Michigan might receive dental bonded retainers in Farmington Hills, MI after their orthodontic treatment. It is always important to talk to your dentist and express your particular concerns or requirements, to agree on an effective option for you and your oral health.

Long Lasting

While plastic retainers can become damaged and may require additional maintenance, dental bonded retainers should comfortable last for a number of years. Often patients will keep their retainers in until after wisdom teeth have erupted, in order to prevent additional shifting.

Make sure you receive proper advice from your dental hygienist regarding the brushing and flossing of your teeth with a bonded retainer. With proper maintenance, you can keep your teeth healthy and straighter for longer.

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