What Is The Cost For Repairing A Cracked Screen Including The LCD Digitizer On An iPhone or Android Cell Phone?

Are you worried about how much you will have to spend to get the broken screen of your cell phone repaired? Here is the going rate for fixing cracked screens including the digitizer a mobile phone in Vancouver, British Columbia.

No doubt, repairing the screen of your cell phone isn’t always a wallet-friendly decision. So it is vital that you know exactly what you’re looking for as far as repair costs are concerned. The costs of repairing the broken screen including the digitizer on a cell phone actually depend on the kind of device you have, the device model and the extent of the screen damage.

Regardless whether you want to proceed with a DIY approach or choose to get your broken cell phone screen repaired at a repair shop, you will find this post helpful. So, let’s start with cost estimation of repairing a cracked mobile phone screen, including the LCD digitizer in Vancouver.

1) Average Cost Of Fixing Cracked Screen, Including The Digitizer On Cell Phones With DIY Approach

If you want to proceed with the DIY approach, then the first thing you will need is a new screen. The price of the new screen depends on the kind of cell phone that you have, and where you are going to purchase the new screen for your cell phone. For instance, if you’re looking for a new screen with digitizer for your Samsung S7 Edge device, it will cost you anywhere from $190 to $350 on Amazon and similar at other popular phone parts dealers.

Once you’ve purchased the new screen for your cell phone, the next thing you will need are some special tools. Generally, a phone repair toolkit consists of small screwdrivers, tweezers, and other tools that you may need during the screen replacement procedure. Sometimes, screen replacement kits come with free tools as a gift. So, you will have to spend another $20 to $40 on tools depending on the retailer you choose.

So, for the DIY approach—you will end up paying anywhere from $70 to $250 to replace the screen yourself – which includes purchasing the screen with LCD digitizer, and the required repair tools.

We, at the CellClinic.ca, don’t advise people who have a premium cellphone, like an iPhone or a Samsung, to proceed with the DIY approach because even one small mistake could kill your device. Therefore, it’s always best to trust your cell phone repair to an expert who can repair your cell phone without any mistakes, and who will guarantee the quality of their work and parts.

Also, it’s important to note that some phone manufacturer warranties will be voided if you will open your cell phone rather than going to a certified cell phone repair company to get the screen replaced.

2) Cost Of Repairing Damaged Screen, Including The Digitizer Of Your Cell Phone At An Official Service Centre

Official repair service centres are a good choice, where you can get a quality repair and complete customer satisfaction. The cost of fixing a cracked screen including the LCD digitizer on a cell phone at an official repair service store depends on your cell phone type and model.

For example, the cost of repairing the broken screen of an iPhone 7 Plus device at the official Apple store will cost you around $219 without warranty and $39 for a device with Apple Care+. Similarly, if you have a Samsung phone like Galaxy S7, that will cost you around $209 USD with Samsung protection plan. So, the overall cost of fixing cracked screen, including the digitizer on cell phones depends on the manufacturer or company of your cell phone and the model of the device that you have.

So, if you’re planning to select an official service store for your cell phone repair, you may have to pay anywhere between $200 to $400+ and even more depending on warranty terms defined by the manufacturer or cell phone company and your device model.
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3) Cost Of Repairing A Damaged Screen, Including LCD Digitizer Of Your Cell Phone At Local Stores

Do you want to get the broken screen, including the digitizer of your cell phone repaired fast, within an hour possibly or by the end of the day? If yes then you should go with a local repuatable repair shop. It’s not true that only official service stores offer genuine cell phone screen repair service, some reputed local cell phone stores are creating a buzz in the market with expert trained technicians, excellent customer service, cheaper repairing costs, and guarenteed repairs – some cell phone repair shops offer up to a 1-year warranty on repairs.

CellClinic is one such place where you can get the broken screen of your cell phone including the LCD digitizer repaired at a great price. The Cell Clinic promises a 100% genuine repair service at an unbeatable cost. What’s more – you will get a free device diagnosis for your cell phone. Their trained technicians will estimate the overall cost before starting the repair or replacement of your cell phone screen or LCD digitizer.

Well, there are many other local repair shop options available also out there, but when it comes to price, quality of services, and warranty – you will find no better choice than the Cell Clinic – located at 935 Seymour St. in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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