Used Pallet Racking: What You Need to Know

Pallet Racking

Changing or expanding your storage space can be a costly endeavor. One way to keep expenses down, and stay within your budget, is to purchase used pallet racking.

The advantage of used storage hardware is that so much of it is modular and fit to a standardized size, meaning you might not have to make a compromise.

Purchasing used hardware, you can configure it and rearrange it in so many ways, and with pallets typically of a standard shape, you aren’t likely to lose out at all.

The Savings

The real reason anyone would choose any used product over a new one is monetary savings. Granted, there are some other advantages to used pallet racking: re-using racking is more environmentally friendly which can improve the image of your company; used racking doesn’t require assembly and so can arrive faster than made-to-order solutions.

However, money talks and ultimately, most businesses will be looking at used pallet racking for sale to cut costs. How much can it really save? The answer varies, naturally, but in many cases you could be looking at savings of 50% or more, depending on the company, racking type and age. That’s a significant amount when considering the high costs of large expansions or changes.

The Risks?

So, what’s the downside? Well, for one, you don’t get to choose the color of the racking, which might be an issue. You can always repaint it, but still, the racking won’t be custom-made for your exact weight and height requirements which can vary even with standardized pallet storage.

More significant risks can include damaged or otherwise inadequate hardware. This shouldn’t happen with a re-putable seller, but in the effort to minimize costs as far as possible, you could end up with unsuitable or even unsafe racking. Many used racking sales come without a warranty, so you should be sure of what you’re getting by using a trusted supplier and conducting your own tests if necessary.

Purchasing Tips

Most used pallet racking for sale isn’t likely to be falsely presented, however. In most cases, you’re going to be safe – even safer if you follow these simple tips while purchasing:

  • Always use a trusted supplier.
  • Check the equipment before purchase, making your own inspections and checks if necessary.
  • Get the exact specifications for the racking and consider purchasing an option which exceeds your load-bearing requirements.

These common-sense tips are a great way to avoid getting stung when purchasing used pallet racking. Follow them and enjoy your savings, and hopefully racking that lasts for as long as you need it.

If you can, try to reflect the environmentally conscious choice in your company’s external communications to boost your brand image and still take advantage of the savings using used pallet racking.

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