Types and Uses for Security Cages in Warehouses

Warehouses are often the hub of a business where workers complete tasks essential for the success of your enterprise. In a busy environment, safety and security are of paramount concern. Installing a pallet rack security cage and other measures safeguard employees and business operations.

There is a wide range of security cages available for every use and situation, and it is important to match your needs with the correct solution. It is also worth looking into custom-built cages that can be built to your desired specifications.

Tool cages

It is the responsibility of every company to ensure that its tools and equipment are correctly stored and maintained.

This means safeguarding them against unauthorized access which has the potential to lead to misuse or even theft. At the same time, this inventory must also be easily accessible to those members of staff who require access to the equipment day-to-day.

The best solution is a tool cage. A walk-in cage improves accessibility and can be custom made to fit an existing space. When designing your cages that fit your layout, consider ceiling panels for added security.

Solid panel cages

For situations requiring extra security to protect valuable stock and equipment, a wire mesh isn’t the ideal solution. In this case, solid panels can be a better option for your business.

Depending on your business, and whether you need transparency or privacy, solid sheet metal or clear Lexan panels provide equal security and safety.

Driver and Building Access Cage

Warehouses are busy with vehicles delivering and receiving goods, and a simple, cost-effective way to control access to your site is to install a driver and building access entrance cage. These access cages are made from wire mesh partitions, ensure confines visitors to a designated area.

Drivers entrance cages provide an additional element of safety to the warehouse from potential theft. Warehouse entrance cages are an efficient way of safeguarding warehouse workers, merchandise, and expensive equipment.

DEA approved cages

Laboratory or pharmaceutical warehouses provide a unique challenge regarding pallet rack security cage solutions.

They must adhere to specific criteria to meet DEA security requirements that restrict access to controlled substances.

The most important feature these cages include is self-closing and self-locking doors, which restricts access to controlled drugs, substances, and ingredients. Note that these cages will require DEA inspections to check they meet the standard set by the authority.

Final Considerations

Whether you’re building a new facility or adding security to your existing site, evaluating the operations of your business will ensure you install the right system to improve workflow. For example, if your business handles controlled substances, you’ll need a DEA approved cage.

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