How Purchasing the Right Shelving and Racking System Is Critical to Your Bottom Line?

There are many case studies on the improvements of shelving and racking systems to an efficient operation; however, let us focus on the benefits to the warehouse owner and the increases to the bottom line. Increases in efficiency translate to an increase in profits as employees can do more work in less time with less risk of damaged product and personal injury.

Functional Space in Your Michigan Facility

The right storage and handling systems, whether purchased online or customized, will increase the utilization of vertical space and decrease the work areas of the horizontal space. All warehouse facilities have more volume than area.

A functional floor plan offers the employees more room within which to maneuver without the waste of time spent with unnecessary product transport. A functional vertical plan offers more area within which to arrange and categorize products. Storing and retrieving become streamlined as more vertical space becomes functional.

Productivity will increase without any additional burden on the workers and operations. Any increase in productivity without an increase in expense and overhead is a positive hit to the bottom line.

Prevention of Product Damage and Employee Injury

If the existing racking and shelving systems are no longer functional due to an increase in business, a change in customer base, a different combination of products and stock keeping units (SKUs) or new lift equipment, then it is prudent to purchase storage and handling systems to meld with current operations.

Systems for storage and handling that are no longer conducive to operations, and/or no longer comply with OSHA standards, have the propensity for product damage and workplace injury, both of which are negative hits to the bottom line.

Customized Rack and Shelf Features

To further improve productivity, customized rack features can be designed for the storage of products handled often and consistently.

Deep-set decks for palletized products, integrated bins and drawers for tools, parts and other smaller stock will minimize the employees’ struggle to shift stock and maximize orderly operations.

Knowing the Right Rack System

There needs to be a balance between product visibility and efficient storage space. If your inventory has a variety of SKUs with high turnover, then a flow pallet racking system is the solution.

If your inventory has product in small, non-palletized crates with high turnover, then a flow pallet racking system is the solution. Flow racks and selective racking offer the visibility-vs-efficient-space balance. Drive-in and pushback track systems will provide the highest efficiency in storage, but with limited visibility and access.

Before the purchase of racking and shelving systems, it is important to evaluate your operations and to communicate accurately with your racking and shelving professional. The proper storage and handling systems will increase product flow and safety, decrease the risk of product damage and employee injury, all to positively affect the warehouse owner’s bottom line.

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