Your worst nightmare might be the return of back pain after surgery. Surgery on your back takes a great act of trust: back surgery only works in approximately 50% of cases. Even if the surgery is successful, the pain might return. Considering how important your back is to everyday movements, it can be terrifying and frustrating to face the return of the pains that you thought had disappeared.

If you’re here, you might have searched “failed back surgery syndrome remedies MI” or “failed back surgery syndrome remedies” into the search engine. Why does back surgery fail? Why does pain return? These are both questions we’ll consider time and look at what you can do if the worst does happen.

Why does back surgery fail?

It might surprise you to hear that most doctors are often unsure by what causes your back pain and how to treat it. Many hypotheses exist, but the poor success rate of back surgery is in large part due to incorrect diagnoses for the underlying pain.

Your back pain might appear to be degenerative or bulging discs, but the pain often comes when your nerves touch your vertebrae. Surgical options include fusing your vertebra together to reduce their movement, widening the foramen (holes) in your vertebra to reduce the chance of your nerves touching bone, or even replacing the vertebrae itself. These options all tend to treat the pain rather than the tackle the cause of the back pain itself. Failed back surgery might be due to misdiagnosed pain sources or returning pain because the underlying cause has not been appropriately treated.

Why does pain return?

Many back injuries that lead to surgery result from excess body weight, repetitive work, high-intensity exercise, twisting, improper lifting techniques, or a combination of one or more of these things. If these causes are not all identified and corrected, your back pain is likely to return after surgery.

Now what?

Chiropractors specialize in natural, homeopathic treatments that aim to fix these underlying causes. A chiropractor can use massage therapy to identify and resolve inflammation. They can also provide various methods such as laser therapy and alignment to help correct underlying issues. Chiropractors provide nutritional guidance and even pharmaceutical-grade supplements to encourage weight loss and healing. They can also show you proper stretches and exercises to strengthen the muscles surrounding your spine for maximum support.


The return of back pain after failed surgery can be extremely frustrating. Find a chiropractor that cares to help customize a treatment plan specifically for you. The failure of the quick fix back surgery promised means that the underlying causes of your back pain have not yet been fully identified and resolved. With enough trust and care in the right professional, you can recover with approved failed back surgery syndrome remedies.

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