How to Fix a Broken Sewer Pipe in Edmond, OK?

There are many things that can happen to a sewer line that causes it to function badly, or worse, not at all. When a sewer line fails, it can be quite traumatic for a family or business. A household cannot run when water cannot be used. When a sewer line is broken, for any reason, water draining from tubs, shower stalls, toilets, sinks, and appliances will cause problems. Either it will increase an area of ground that is sagging by leaking into cracks and broken joints, or the water will back up into the basement because of an impassable clog.

When a sewer line needs to be repaired in Edmond, Oklahoma, there are a few different ways that the repair work can be carried out. On of the most beneficial ones is the trenchless repairing methods. There are two main types under this – Pipe bursting and replacement, and pipe lining. Another way that many people are familiar with is traditional pipe replacement. This entails a trench be dug along the top of the pipe, and a bit wider than the pipe itself, and then below the pipe, as well.

The reason trenchless techniques are superior and more beneficial is because traditional pipe replacement methods can cause a lot of destruction when the required trenches are made. Then the destruction will need to be cleared up, removed, repaired, with much restoration work needing to be completed. This can include gardens, driveways, walkways, concreted areas such as those under garden sheds and newly build patios, and so on. When a trenchless method is implemented instead, that destructive work, and the additional expense, disappears.

Trenchless methods also offer the ability to have pipes lined instead of replaced. Pipe lining is for pipes that are clogged, and not broken severely. Small breaks are usually not an issue and would not preclude a sewer pipe from being lined. When a pipe’s lining is installed, the lining can often be blown in from an existing access area in the plumbing, negating the need for any digging at all.

If a pipe is to be replaced with another pipe and will not be lined, only two small pits, a launch pit, and an exit pit, need to be excavated. These can be done by hand if delicate items exist in the surrounding area, or if space precludes the use of a backhoe or other machinery. If the newly installed pipe is to be lined, this can be done in the same procedure. The only difference between an unlined replacement pipe and one that is lined is the curing time is added. Until the pipe’s liner is completely cured, no water should be used inside of the home.

No matter which method is used to replace or repair a broken sewer line in Edmond, a sewer camera inspection should be done both before and after the repair is made. Homeowners should keep a copy of the final video with the rest of their home’s records for use in a multitude of purposes ranging from selling the house in the future to insurance requirements.

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