Flexible Custom Plastic Seals Are Cost-Effective Tools for Securing Items

A down-right flexible and the cost-effective method to secure the shipments
A variety of Plastic Seals are available to meet your sealing needs. Most of the Plastic Security Seals are for the one-time use and are effective for indicating the tampering or else the attempted tampering of the shipments. This type of Container Seal is generally more flexible than the steel and wire Seals. The list of the available Plastic Truck Seals and the Container Seals include Drum, Anchor, Pull, Spring Hinge, Economy Plastic, Light Duty Pull Snug, Adjustable, Mini Lock, Poly-Check Bar Coded, Strap and many more.

One of the tool often used in the supply chain security programs is the ‘security seals’. There are exactly two primary types of the shipping container seals- indicative and barrier. Three Indicative seals demonstrate if the item being sealed has been tampered with or fiddled with. They can easily be broken since their function is to demonstrate entry, not exactly deter it. The use of the stronger seals, known as the barrier seals, is becoming more common. Additionally, to providing evidence of tampering, these seals can actually deter the theft because they are harder to remove. These shipping container seals are typically used on the ocean containers, long-haul trucks and frail cars.

Using the Security Seals Effectively and Efficiently

A shipping container security seal which in and of itself is not an effective supply chain theft prevention and the product tracking program. It is also one of the component which if used efficiently and in conjunction with the other security measures which can always provide the evidence of tampering and even help deter the theft. There are measurably additional steps, however, that can be taken to the reinforcement of their effectiveness.

Layering devices which are using the multiple seals, matching labels and also the tape or applying the segregated sealing by separating the seal from the bar code.

Using a variety of sizes, colors, styles and alpha-numeric combinations of the security seals on a rotating basis can make the tampering much more difficult.

Logos, warning labels, custom marking or else any other type of symbols which can quickly and easily identify the source and content can help prevent tampering.

You must be probably using the security seals somewhere. Maybe lots of places or other essential uses. However you might not realize how many ways and places the professionals put seals to work. A closure device that can be opened only once can protect the repercussions. Locks can be re-locked, but a broken seal tells you with this certainty that a container or the vessel has been opened.

A security seal control program is a systematized set of procedures that documents and operates what’s been secured, when it was secured and with what seal. The program also makes it have the clarity who—in your organization and along the supply chain—is responsible for each procedural step. The ultimate goal of your security seal control program? Knowing with the 100% certainty that no shipment or else the package has been opened by anyone not authorized to open it.

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