Dental Implants in Brookline MA: Why Replacing Teeth is SO Crucial!

Before we discuss how important it is to replace a missing tooth (or teeth), let’s answer the most commonly asked question that’s usually on everyone’s mind first: What exactly are dental implants in Brookline MA?

Dental implants in Brookline are small but exceptionally tough titanium alloy screws that are used to surgically replace missing or damaged natural teeth.  They are bored into the jawbone, so the screw securely connects the artificial teeth or other dental prostheses onto the jaw.

In addition to using it to replace missing or broken teeth, dental implants can also be used to support removable dentures. Now let’s take a look at why replacing badly damaged or lost teeth are so important in the first place.

Aesthetics: As shallow as it may sound to someone who still has all their teeth, even a single missing tooth can place a lot of emotional stress on us, especially on our self-confidence.

When a patient’s perfect smile is marred because of a missing tooth or teeth, it can lead to depression and a loss of confidence, which can affect both their personal and work life.

Dental implants in Brookline MA are also quite effective in boosting the patient’s morale. Since there is no outwardly visible difference between a replaced tooth and a natural one following the procedure, it does affect a patient’s physical appearance positively.

Oral Health: When a tooth is lost, the balance in your entire dental arrangement is disturbed. The gap that is created allows for the remaining teeth to shift and tilt even with regular chewing.

This could result in further oral issues in the future, especially if the structure of the teeth restricts the patient’s chewing abilities. It’s not unusual to see someone who has lost multiple teeth as a result of this and more often than not, the bone loss occurs side-by-side in the same row of teeth.

Comfort: If you still have all of your teeth intact, you probably don’t have any idea how painful it can be when a hard morsel of food works its way between the exposed root of a missing molar and an adjacent tooth.

Let’s just say that it can be an extremely uncomfortable experience and if it continues to happen almost every time the patient eats, it’s not unusual to see them completely giving up on certain foods to relieve the continuous discomfort and pain.

Dental implants in Brookline MA can dramatically change the life of someone who is missing one or more teeth. However, it is important that the procedure is performed by a professional who has plenty of experience with the procedure. We have that experience – so call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss the best way to replace your missing teeth.

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