Cabo Yachts For Sale in California

Most people have never experienced the pleasure of owning a sport-fishing vessel. In fact, most people have not even experienced being on this type of luxury sport-fishing craft. However, if by chance you ever get an opportunity to spend some time on one of these luxurious, sport-fishing boats, make sure that you do so. It will be an experience and memory that you will never forget.

Unfortunately, the sport-fishing business was susceptible to economic conditions. When things were going well, companies are building these types of vessels by the hundreds and people are buying them. However, when the economic conditions turn downward, then some sport-fishing companies may find it difficult to keep their doors open. This is what happened to one of the more well-known sport-fishing manufactures, Cabo Yachts. But now, Cabo Yachts are back for sale.

Cabo Yachts was a company that at one time was located in the High Desert. It decided to close its manufacturing operation in that location and move it to North Carolina. During this time, Cabo Yachts was proud of the fact that they employed close to 100 workers in the High Desert facility. When they moved, they even offered a transfer option for at least 25% of their employees to their new site at New Bern, N.C.

This strategic move was to consolidate the well-known sport-fishing boat maker’s division, called Adelanto, with the North Carolina operation that was under its sister brand called Hatteras. This consolidation at the same operating plant allowed the company to cut down on fixed operating costs. It also provided better access to its customer base that was located on the East Coast.

Eric Cashion, the company’s marketing director for both Cabo Yachts and Hatteras, stated that each of the facilities was being underutilized as a result of the downturn. Therefore, it made economical sense to combine the two sister companies together at the same location. 

As mentioned previously, the sport-fishing boat market had slowed down tremendously because of the economic downturn. It was a decision that was difficult to make but for the survival of the company, it had to be made. Later, Cabo Yachts former vice president and founder stated that the decision was a grave mistake. In 2006, he and his partner sold the company to another firm.

The departure from High Desert marked an end of a 20-year history for Cabo Yachts. During 1995, at its peak, this popular boat company employed approximately 550 workers. It was one of the largest boat manufacturing companies in High Desert.

With the departure from High Desert, it opened up an opportunity for other companies to use the facility that Cabo Yachts had vacated. The owners of the property utilized the services of Voit Real Estate to sell or lease this attractive one-quarter of a million-square-foot site.

The owner realized that the facility would attract a variety of companies because of facilities many features including high ceilings, the multi-building site application, and five – 10 ton overhead cranes throughout the facility. Also, there was 75% of the workforce left behind when Cabo Yachts vacated. They were experienced workers and willing and ready to work.

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