What is the Dell PowerEdge R420 1U?

The R420 1U is a great option for the SMB usage where space is restricted but power and efficiency are needed to keep things smooth.
You can mount the 1U chassis conveniently in a server rack and get high performance for small to medium grade workloads using the R420.

Key Features


The PowerEdge R420 is a two socket server that is powered by the Intel’s Xeon E5 2400 line up of CPUs. The refurbished R420 is equipped eight 2.5” SFF HDD bays and supports a maximum of 16 TB of internal memory which is suitable for the SMB usage. Inside a neatly packed 1U chassis, you have 12 DIMM slots for DDR3 modules and the server supports a maximum of 384 GB of RAM.

An SD card slot can be found on the front panel that serves a dual purpose, it can also be used for an iDRAC module giving remote access. You can plug in an SD card with up to 8 GB of storage. Additionally, the server is equipped with four USB ports, a serial port, and a VGA port.


Depending on how you configure your R420, the device can be efficiently put to use in the SMB space as well as an enterprise. However, the server can get costly and be an overkill for smaller businesses if not configured right. But, for larger enterprises, the R420 1U is a cost efficient server that can take on the job with ease.

Management and Deployment

Deploying the R420 1U doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes and it’s good to be up and running. If you will be using the server in a station that houses multiple other servers and devices, then the cable management kit would be of great use which keeps things neat and organized.

Remote Management

The server comes with a port dedicated to iDRAC which allows for efficient remote operations through the Dell OpenManage platform. You can conveniently monitor and update the server without physical connections to the device.

Should You Buy a Refurbished Server?

Here at KahnServers, we test and verify your refurbished server before shipping and each server from us comes with a one-year RTB warranty.
With new servers, the rate of depreciation is sometimes not worth the price tag and the room for scalability is also limited since one already spends thousands to deploy it. Refurbished servers are a better option due to the room for scalability since you can always upgrade components without them being too heavy on your pocket and also the rate of depreciation is relatively lower than that for new servers.

Why Choose KahnServers?

At KahnServers, you can purchase the DELL PowerEdge R420 1U at a base price of £149.99 with additional costs depending on how you custom build your server. Apart from customer support, we also offer technical support to our clients for our devices to ensure smooth and reliable use of your refurbished server.

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