Breast Cancer Survivors and Swimwear: What Are Your Options?

Having a mastectomy is a serious change for women who undergo the surgery. Many women have challenges in adjusting to their new bodies and finding clothing that fits, and swimwear is an area of especial trouble for some. Fortunately, there are online retailers that offer swimsuits for mastectomy patients to suit all body types.

Many survivors of breast cancer who have undergone a mastectomy wonder if they will be able to find a swimsuit after they have healed from their surgery. Some worry they may be unable to swim at all if there is no appropriate swimwear option. While these are all valid concerns, there are a variety of stylish breast cancer swimsuits in many sizes, shapes, and colors available for purchase online.

One Piece Swimsuits for Breast Cancer Survivors

A popular style choice among women who have undergone a mastectomy on one side or both sides, one-piece swimsuits are flattering to all body types and sizes. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and can work well with all other beachwear accessories.

One-piece swimsuits for mastectomy patients have unique features that make them more comfortable and easier to wear whether you use prosthesis, have had a breast reconstruction, or neither. These include high necklines, specially adjusted armholes, and supportive or padded straps on the shoulders.

Two Piece Swimsuits for Breast Cancer Survivors

There are also many two-piece swimsuits for mastectomy patients that have been designed with fashion and comfort in mind. These include bikinis, tankinis, and more. Much like one-piece swimsuits for mastectomy patients, these may include greater support, wicking fabric, padded straps, high necklines, and other features to guarantee comfort and support for your body.

The two-piece swimwear options for mastectomy patients range for more style-forward and eye-catching options with lace and bright colors to more comfortable options that may feature a racerback or extra support for gentle compression of the chest.

Whether you fancy a swimsuit with a bright pink flowered pattern or something a little sleeker and more subdued, there are dozens of attractive and functional two-piece swimsuit options for any woman who has undergone a mastectomy.

Swimwear Accessories for All

Regardless of the type of swimsuit you choose, no swimwear outfit is complete without an accessory or two. Most brands that sell mastectomy swimwear also offer a large range of swimwear accessories to ensure you are swimming or lounging in style.

From colorful shawls and wraps to sun hats and sandals, there are many ways to add pizazz to swimsuits for mastectomy patients. Whether you prefer swimming in the ocean, participating in a water aerobics class or tanning at poolside, there is a swimwear accessory that is right for you.

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