17 Benefits of the Motor Speed Series of Viking Internal Gear Pumps in GA

The Motor Speed Series of Viking Internal Gear Pumps in GA is designed to deliver more efficient, high-speed performance at a lower total installed cost.  It represents a technological advance in the science of flow. Through new techniques of feeding the rotor and idler, Viking has achieved what was once considered impossible – high flow rates operating at motor speeds.

The two largest sizes, Q and QS, operate at reduced speeds but are still faster than other pumps of similar displacement. Higher speeds mean greater value, with the ability to move more fluid with a smaller pump. It also enables close-coupling to a motor or gear motor, which eliminates shaft alignment and results in the longer seal and bearing life by preventing wear due to misalignment.

The Motor Speed Series pump head has been redesigned and now incorporates idler and rotor feed grooves to improve axial feed, a liquid-directing step to reduce turbulence, a modified crescent to boost radial feed and improved port geometry to optimize flow paths.

The profile of the Motor Speed Series of Viking Internal Gear Pumps in GA has also been increased so that the pump can move more liquid without seeing the effects of cavitation. The result of all these design improvements is that the pumps can be operated at higher speeds so you get a greater flow from a smaller pump.

Additional features and benefits of the Motor Speed Series of Viking Internal Gear Pumps in GA include:

  • Heavy duty antifriction bearing shaft support for higher pressure and extended pump life;
  • Behind-the-rotor seal ensures shaft and bearings are not exposed to the pumped liquid;
  • Motor speed operation eliminates speed reduction equipment on thinner liquids;
  • Pressure-lubricated idler pin and bushing, increases pump life;
  • Threaded one-piece bearing housing allows for end clearance adjustment;
  • Sealed anti-friction bearings eliminate the need for re-lubrication;
  • Flexible installation with space-saving mounting configurations
    • Foot Mount
    • Motor Mount (Close-Coupled NEMA and IEC)
    • Vertical Inline Mount
  • Positive displacement pump for accurate, repeatable output, improves product quality, no waste or over/under pumping;
  • Close coupled design option for small onsite space requirement, reduces possible alignment issues, increases operational life;
  • Smooth, near pulseless flow, which is easy to monitor and control, and reduces batch variance;
  • High hydraulic efficiency – a smaller motor required than on comparable roto-dynamic pumps, resulting in lower running costs and lower total cost of ownership;
  • Simple design, only two moving parts minimizes service requirements, reduces downtime and lost production;
  • Multiple port configurations and rotatable casings so installation can be kept quick and simple;
  • Integral relief valve option protects the pump from overpressure;
  • Pumps can operate at high speed on thin liquids which removes the need for a reduction gearbox, simplifies the installation and reduces system costs;
  • Adjustable end clearance, which allows adjustment if process changes, single point adjustment maintains pump efficiency, extending life;
  • Jacketed pumps available for easy handling of liquids where the process temperature is critical.

Want more information regarding Viking Internal Gear Pumps in GA?  We specialize in a variety of advisory and installation services, all designed to help you get the most out of your liquid handling equipment.  And we’re certified to maintain and repair all the equipment we supply to our clients, so call us today!

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