About Us


Arzelles.net is the contact point to sort out issues with sewer lines or related underground utility problems. Here, we make use of no-dig or trenchless technology as per which no major excavation is needed for such jobs.
This new technology utilizes certain specialized equipment with which one can have access to certain utilities like electrical cabling or sewer lines without much mess up in the surface area above. In most cases, small holes are bored through the ground right at the point where repairs are needed. There is little requirement for large-scale digging. These processes tend to be not just quicker but also easy on the pocket than conventional methods of sewer line repair.
Other advantages of trenchless technology are that it is a safer method for doing such jobs. The risk factor involved in excavation and its related work is not just to the workers involved in it, but also to those living in the vicinity, the pets and stray animals moving around and more so to children playing in the area. A big hole in the ground is a risky proposition to all who are anywhere near it until the time it is open. Those around it can heave a sigh of relief only once it is totally covered up.