More often than not criminal defense is associated with being quite expensive, where clients may have to fork over large amounts of their savings or other forms of monetary funds to receive decent legal assistance and defense. While criminal defense may be costly to some extent there are numerous ways to help cut the costs in hiring a criminal defense lawyer while still receiving a valuable legal defense.

1) One simple method is price comparing. Visiting different criminal law firms and finding out their rates and then comparing the different rates can be an effective strategy to choose a less costly criminal defense lawyer; who is also competent in providing a superior defense.

2) Finding a criminal defense lawyer who may work pro bono on your case. Pro bono in a legal context refers to a lawyer who is willing to work for the public good where their service is free, which is often offered to low income clients or non-for-profit organizations. This method may be beneficial to your financial situation, however be aware that without payment your legal defense you may not be a top priority compared to another client who has paid for their defense.

3) Finding a lawyer who works on a contingency fee percentage basis. Contingency fee percentage refers to a legal fee that is charged to the client only if the trial is a success where a percentage of the net recovery to the client is delegated to cover the criminal defense lawyer’s fees. A typical percentage range of a contingency fee costing method is around 25% to 45% but this may vary with different criminal defense lawyers. A client can be confident that their lawyer will work very hard to win the case to ensure their fees are paid and the client is not forced to transfer an initial lump sum to cover their legal proceedings, which is a double benefit for the client.

4) Potential discounts for a criminal defense. Criminal defense lawyers may offer discounts to certain clients to save them money. Why might a criminal defense lawyer offer discounts? If a client has repeatedly required criminal defense from a lawyer in the past but may not be able to afford continued defense the criminal defense lawyer may offer discounts to ensure a long-term relationship. This will maintain repeat business for the lawyer while assisting clients who may struggle financially.

5) Contact an affordable law school student who is certified to practice law under a faculty member. This cost saving method may seem to be limited in offering a strong defense as a law school student could appear to be inexperienced, however a crucial factor to take into consideration is that the law student has direct support from their seasoned and well educated professor. Not only will you be saving money in hiring a law student but you also have the support of a superior criminal defense lawyer that will be advising the hired law student to reach a successful case. By following these five methods, you will be able to save money while also obtaining a strong defense for your case.

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