The myth and facts linked to the current global pandemic are quite scary. Many people have taken serious measures to help combat the spread of this monster and common pollutants. A wearable air purifier mask is an indispensable item to own at the moment. The mask allows users to breathe clean and filtered air.

However, the quest to get a reliable wearable air purifier mask tends to be both an exciting and daunting experience since there are plenty of brands in the market.

Wearable Air Purifiers


Hence, it is a clear indicator that these wearable masks have a hidden gem. They filter not only clean the air but also eliminate bacteria and viruses that cause airborne diseases.

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are some of the real gem associated with these wearable air purifier masks. They include:

  1.   Have an Industrial Standard Face Seal

The face seal tends to play a crucial role in preventing air leakages. The main aim is to ensure the user only breathes clean and filtered air. Most of the wearable air purifier masks offered in the market tend to have a standard factor rating of 200. Hence, suitable for preventing people from breathing unfiltered air. The unbeatable factor rating is tested and proven to prevent bad air from getting into the mask.

  1.   Have Hidden Internal Fans

It is sickening to wear air purifier masks that lack internal fans. The poor circulation of fresh air tends to foster overheating. The most wonderful thing is that these purifiers with fans are ideal for keeping the user cool even on a hot day. The internal fans help to keep moist and warm exhaled air away from the mask. Hence, giving the user the opportunity to breathe easily while keeping safe.

  1.   Suitable for Labored Breathing Users

Users with weak lungs tend to shy away from realistic masks. The issue has resulted in a hot debate across the world. But these purifiers with fans are the real gem. The internal fans tend to enhance the continuous flow of air with ease. Therefore, individuals with labored breathing will have an easy time since their lungs will have adequate time to adjust.

  1.   Ideal for Motorcyclists

The motorcycle is a common means of transport. It can easily navigate through heavy traffic and find the way out. However, vehicles in heavy traffic tend to release exhaust fumes. These fumes contain toxic substances that are disgusting. The use of wearable purifiers happens to be the greatest solution. It helps clean and filter the air while sitting in the traffic. Thus, reduce the risk of getting airborne diseases associated with the vehicle’s exhaust fumes while hitting the road.

  1.   Presence of PTFE Filters

High-quality PTFE filters contain a dense network of fibres. These components help to eliminate airborne particles from moving air. The operation of these wearable purifiers tends to appear simple but super-efficient and effective. Most of these air purifiers have a standard rating of about 0.3 and 2.5 microns in diameter size. Hence, the users are protected from pollution and common allergens such as dust, pollen grains and cat dander, among many others.

Final Thoughts on Wearable Air Purifiers

The cloth face mask is now a thing of the past. It is one of the latest products released on the market and has received a lot of criticism from experts.  The common cloth mask covering the face is known to be less efficient and effective. Most users tend to overwork their lungs, which is known to harm the respiratory system.  The advancement in technology has resulted in wearable air purifier masks that are quite efficient and effective. These advanced air purifier masks help to get rid of airborne particles from the moving air. Hence, ensure air is clean and filtered to enhance healthy breathing.


However, the presence of several brands in the market poses another challenge—each brand claims to offer the best product.

Users are advised to consider the face seal, internal fans and PTFE filters. These key factors help to distinguish between a fake and recommended wearable air purifier masks. These reputable air purifier masks not only offer protection against allergens but also kill viruses and bacteria causing diseases. Hence the wearable air purifier mask is a great deal.

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