3 Benefits of Using an Investigator to Inspect Your Utilities Pipe Infrastructure in Toronto

One of the most efficient ways to prevent significant damage to your utility pipe infrastructure is preparation. Damage to water pipes can be an expensive problem to solve, particularly if the problem is left unattended for an extended period. However, breaks and damage to your utility pipe infrastructure are preventable. It only depends on the right preparation and regular checks to the pipelines.

This has become a whole lot easier with the use of CCTV inspections which provide information to maintain and repair existing pipelines and solve potential breaks before they occur. Residents in Toronto can take advantage of the latest advances inspection camera, known as the Investigator, and use this technology to maintain their pipes successfully and efficiently. Here are three of the main benefits to using the Investigator to inspect your utility pipeline infrastructure:

No Water Loss

Traditionally,inspections of service pipes involved the shutting off of the water supply to gain access to the pipe and interior. However, the invention of the Investigator means that there are no water shutdowns during inspections. This modern camera has the capabilities of inspecting water mains with the full power on and pressure traveling at an astonishing 300 feet in either direction. Also, the process of using the Investigator is extremely efficient as it can be inserted into the pipe via a prior opening such as a fire hydrant. This allows for little to no disturbance to the ground above the pipeline.

Quick and Accurate Diagnosis

Of course, accessing the pipe is the first step. The Investigator is capable of much more than just sliding into the tube without causing any disturbance and is also able to find problems within the pipeline quickly and accurately. Equipped with CCTV, sonde, and hydrophone capabilities in the same software unit, the Investigator, can make use of numerous applications such as hydraulic grading, condition assessment, pipe material validation, the location of clogs or blockages, identify mains renewal priorities, investigate raw water mains, and discover leak sites.

Detailed Data Analysis

Once the Investigator has gathered the position of a weakened, cracked, or leaking area in the utility pipeline, a report details exactly which areas of the pipe require work and which areas are “danger” areas for the near future. This data is essential to understanding the life left in the tube, where to expect fractures or cracks to occur, and to generally understand the utility pipe infrastructure. The data from the Investigator helps to figure out why certain areas of the pipe suffer from degradation over time faster than other sectors of the tube and to create a more reliable infrastructure in the future. The detailed data also contributes to an effective plan to manage the sewer infrastructure in the future, saving the homeowner potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. The accuracy of the data is crucial as it helps to create solutions for current and future problems. This is why the Investigator is such a magnificent piece of equipment – the data gathered by the camera is extremely efficient and trustworthy.

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